Various Artists #4 : CBC Radio 3 Sessions Vol. 1 (2004)

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Thanks to Bruce from Vinyl Connection for welcoming me along on the Various Artist blog collaboration.

This compilation is from CBC Radio 3 up here in Canadaland, and features performances by Canadian bands live in studio.

Sloan : Losing California – We’ve all heard Sloan, and we all think they’re awesome, except for one dude across the pond who shall  remain nameless. NHMO as it were.

The New Pornographers : The Fake Headlines – Neko Case. Enough said.

Hot Hot Heat : Le Le Low – They recorded this while still an unknown Victoria band. Shortly after this they were signed by Sub Pop, then scooped up by Warner.

The Hidden Cameras : Music is My Boyfriend – This was one of Studio 3’s most popular sessions. 12 band members and a few go-go dancers lit it up. Again, they were signed shortly after this recording to a record deal.

The Dears : Expect The Worst – The guitar work and keys are completely awesome.

Kid Koala : Drunk Trumpet – It kind of sounds like this dj is doing an electronic manipulation, but in fact he is doing it with 3 turntables spinning at once. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I respect the level of difficulty involved.

Manitoba : Leila – Too dance floor for me.

Brassmunk : Push Up – Kind of like the Canadian version of NWA. They sound pretty cool.

The Organ : A Sudden Death – Shortly after this band began to practice, they were in the CBC studio. It has kind of a cool post punk feel to it. Katie Sketch sounds like a female Robert Smith

Tricky Woo : Hot Kitty – Whoa. This song is cool. A hard edged garage rock song with wicked guitar, and a wild man belting out the vocals. Me likey.

The Constantines : Blind Luck – Recorded in a hotel conference room at the 2003 NXNE Music Conference in Toronto. You might assume that in such a sterile environment, the recording will not sound great. You would assume wrong.

Rheostatics : Harmelodia (Easy To Be With You) – Easy to assume this would be awesome. You would assume right. (Of note on the liner notes is the mention of the band recording a Brave New Waves session in 1988. CBC just released this session and I picked up a copy on coloured vinyl.)

The Sadies : I Tried Not To – This song would make an awesome soundtrack song. I could see Quentin Tarentino loving these guys. Wicked guitar work, and oh man, what a voice.

Buck 65 : The Anthem – Giddy wordplay is how this one is described.

John K Samson : Utilities – Better known as the lead singer of The Weakerthans, John K Samson does a solo set here. He definitely can sing the phone book and doesn’t need anyone to back him up. “I guess our wishes don’t do dishes, or brake repairs. Make them something somebody can use.”

Oh Susanna : Kings Road – Suzie Ungerleider is a wandering soul. Born in USA, raised in Vancouver, schooled in Montreal, and at the time of this recording living in Toronto. A really cool song with some sweet fiddle playing, and a really cool voice.




15 thoughts on “Various Artists #4 : CBC Radio 3 Sessions Vol. 1 (2004)

  1. James and his lovely wife got me one of these ages ago… it was the Mint Records Presents: CBC Radio Sessions 3. Neko, Immaculate Machine, Cub, Novillero, the Organ, P:Ano, Young & Sexy, Carolyn Mark (YAY!), even New Pornographers on there.


    Also: I love the title Drunk Trumpet. Man, that’s GREAT.

    This looks like a fantastic mix right up my alley!

    Liked by 1 person

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