Various Artist # 8 : Tannoy Pro Sampler Volume 2

Tannoy is a British loudspeaker company, and this compilation is a widely varied mix of different styles and genres to show how good the speakers sound. From the liner “A lot of hard work has gone into selecting the cuts that best display the qualities and virtues of the famous Tannoy Dual Concentric technology. Apparently this cd took 2 years to make. I wonder if Axl was involved.

A Little Knowledge (Is a Dangerous Thing) : Tower Of Power – Some cool horns and a thumping bass start this one off, and sweet guitar finishes it.

Breaking Silence : Janis Ian – Ok. I have some Janis Ian albums from the 70’s. I need to pull these out. I bought them used, but never really listened to them. She has an amazing voice. This one has a much harder beat than I would have assumed one of her songs would have. I need to find this album, Breaking Silence from 1992. Apparently it was nominated for a Grammy.

Carnival : Natalie Merchant – This song is cool because it has 3 women singing almost simultaneously, and has a sort of echo. The drums are sweet, and the guitar is sublime.

Now That I’ve Found You : Alison Krause – I LOVE her voice on anything, so no more needs to be said.

Mercador De Siri : Andres Segovia – Speaking of siri, just ask her about an amazing Spanish classical guitarist. I bet she says Segovia.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright : Tuck & Patti – I don’t know anything about this married couple. She has a bit of Christine McVie to her voice, and he is a cool jazzy guitarist.

Minuetto & Finale from Pulcinella Suite : St. Paul Chamber Orchestra – A little classical never hurt anyone.

Autumn Leaves : Johnny Mercer & Joseph Kozma – A swinging jazz number.

Round About Midnight : The Michael Petrucciani Trio – Some relaxing post bop.

Saeta : Miles Davis – Miles Davis. Enough said.

Bird On A Wire : Jennifer Warnes (Leonard Cohen) – At least one of you will say no one can ever cover Leonard Cohen. Well, I say this one is pretty good.

Somewhere Down The Crazy River : Robbie Robertson – I love this song.

Frame For The Blues : Jimmy McGriff & Hank  Crawford Quartet – Amazing organ and sax work, but with these guys that is to be expected.

All For You : Diana Krall – Her sultry, smoky voice slays me every time.



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