Happy Retirement Alex Van Halen

Relax people. Alex has not officially retired. He has turned 65 though, and since this is the age many people retire, I thought I would stir the pot a little. Here is a Top 11 (I could not knock it down to 10) Alex Van Halen tribute. Happy birthday dude.

11 -Girl Gone Bad – Too many people knock 1984 for the excessive use of keyboards, but the drums still sounded awesome.



















10 – Loss Of Control – It sounds like complete control of the drums to me.
















9 – Sinners Swing – This lesser known from Fair Warning has Alex pounding away.















8 – As Is – A Different Kind Of Truth may not have sold well, but I enjoyed the way it rocked. This song showed Alex still had it. It has kind of an 80’s Phil Collins sound, but don’t let that sway you.













7 – Big Bad Bill – He plays a ragtime beat along with his brother and dad. A fun bouncy tune that makes you smile.











6 –  The Seventh Seal – Songs like this proved that Van Hagar could rock too.









5 –  Drop Dead Legs – The quiet clicks of the cymbal mixed with the pounding drums really get me.







4 – Get Up – More Van Hagar rocking. Alex keeps up a frenetic pace here.





3 I’m The One – Yes Alex, you are.



2 Everybody Wants Some!! – The “jungle” beats used throughout the song are mesmerizing. Alex was so good he gets 2 exclamation points!!


1 Hot For Teacher – Another example of an all out rocker from 1984. The video is amazing and so is the drum intro in this one.  It could be a vote for the top 100 drum songs of all time. So, so good.

Also rans: The drum solo in Light Up The Sky and Pleasure Dome are pretty awesome, and so is his versatility in Respect The Wind, and his backgound vocals on songs such as Could This Be Magic.




28 thoughts on “Happy Retirement Alex Van Halen

  1. J. says:

    Excellent, Bop… cannae beat some Tuesday night Van Halen. You can beat Tuesday night Van Hagar, though… so I’ll have more Van Halen to make up for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I shall have to re visit that one.

      For some reason I thought that one had something missing. Kick drum perhaps?

      The album sounds great. The production was ace. The drumming was great of course, I just thought I remembered it being different. Not bad, just different than others.
      It’s been quite a while though, so like I say, I need to re visit. Maybe my memory is wrong.


    • I grew up with that early to mid 80’s VH so I never complained.
      I have said this before, but I may be the only person ever to count Diver Down as their favourite VH album.
      It was my first cassette tape ever so it has a soft spot in my heart.


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