Double R.I.P. Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy & Vinnie Paul Top 10

In the last week or so 2 great musicians have died. Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy was a blues man most famous for the movie Blues Brothers and Vinnie Paul (Abbott) from Pantera, Hellyeah among others. I wanted to do an album review for both but I am crunched for time, so I figured a Top 10 mix would work.


8 thoughts on “Double R.I.P. Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy & Vinnie Paul Top 10

  1. Seeing all these clips…I stopped at James Cotton.
    K and I saw James Cotton AND Jeff Healey perform at Healey’s club in T.O. We sat at a cafe table with some beers and had a FRONT ROW SEAT. TRUE STORY!

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    • Awesome!!!!

      I never went to Healy’s but I saw Jeff front row.

      I took my brotber for his first concert and he asked my parents for a guitar when we got home.

      I saw a ton of old blues guys at Pop The Gator in Kitchener early 90’s. I may have seen James Cotton but not have known him. Mel Brown lured a ton of great blues men north.
      I was a young metalhead that knew nothing of the blues, but the amazing music kept me going back.

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