Double R.I.P. Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy & Vinnie Paul Top 10

In the last week or so 2 great musicians have died. Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy was a blues man most famous for the movie Blues Brothers and Vinnie Paul (Abbott) from Pantera, Hellyeah among others. I wanted to do an album review for both but I am crunched for time, so I figured a Top 10 mix would work.

10 thoughts on “Double R.I.P. Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy & Vinnie Paul Top 10

  1. Seeing all these clips…I stopped at James Cotton.
    K and I saw James Cotton AND Jeff Healey perform at Healey’s club in T.O. We sat at a cafe table with some beers and had a FRONT ROW SEAT. TRUE STORY!

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    • Awesome!!!!

      I never went to Healy’s but I saw Jeff front row.

      I took my brotber for his first concert and he asked my parents for a guitar when we got home.

      I saw a ton of old blues guys at Pop The Gator in Kitchener early 90’s. I may have seen James Cotton but not have known him. Mel Brown lured a ton of great blues men north.
      I was a young metalhead that knew nothing of the blues, but the amazing music kept me going back.

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  2. Catching up on some month old blogs. I remember reading in one of the book on Belushi, how he felt the Blue Brothers wasn’t a legit band until Duck Dunn and Matt Guitar Murphy came aboard. Saw Pantera twice back in the day. Vinnie seemed to be having the most fun out of anyone on the stage. May they both rest easy.

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    • I understand Belushi. I always felt they were more actors than musicians, but having 2 legit musicians certainly upped the bar.
      The music in the movie was awewome.

      I never saw Pantera but always liked their tunes.
      A local band here in KW area revered Vinnie and got the chance to go to Texas to record their album and hang with Vinnie. I felt for them on his passing.


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