Goodbye Old Friend

I usually do not get all teary eyed over the loss of an inanimate object but this post is not about just any old thing, this was the loss of an old friend. I sold my 1977 Camaro today and I truly am Sad AF. We had 10 years together, however I have known that car since I was 16 years old. My buddy* in high school got it as his first car, and I told him I wanted it if he ever decided to sell. 10 years ago I got my wish. My family and I went to cruise nights, hit the beach, went to drive in movies, attended the Woodward Dream Cruise and had tons of fun. It was not a grocery getter. This was a muscle car. It had a good old American V8, dual exhaust and 4 barrel carb. It was sweet and I miss it already. It was time to pass it on to someone else, but there will always be a place in my heart for that car. Here is a little post about cars/Camaros. I hope you enjoy.

“..drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry..” This song mentions Chevy’s and is about Buddy Holly. Good enough for me.

Every time I would turn the key, that Lil’ Camaro would go.

It wasn’t yellow..

..or red..

..but occasionally the full moon would shine off of the hood.

This Chevrolet was the Top…

..I would choose my Chevrolet over any Rolls.. was one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Goodbye old friend. You will be missed.

*My buddy’s dad built the engine/transmission etc. for this car and he died this past week, so it was a sign that it was time to sell the car. I had been thinking of selling it for the last few years, but perhaps I held onto it in honour of him. Here’s to you Dave. Thanks for the great work.

24 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Friend

    • I am an Olds guy too.
      I have owned tons of Cutlass’ over the years.
      I had a 1966 Olds Cutlass F85 V8 when I was dating my wife.
      Her dad used to hate that car.
      I used to peel out when I’d leave her place and he’d shake his fist at me. Haha.

      Racing In The Streets. Good one.

      In Ontario they call it Racing if you drive more than 50kmh over the limit. 50kmh?
      That’s only 30mph.
      Lucky I didn’t pulled over back in the day, or maybe I’d still be rotting in jail.

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      • Hows this for car guys ? I still have my 66/442 (In the garage asleep for last few years). My brother is big into the Olds Club of America. He’s one of those guys. I just drive the shit out of them. That’s a funny story on “peel out”. I have a great image in my head on that one.
        My dad rolled a 50 Rocket 88 back in Manitoba. He’d be rolling in his grave at the 30mph. Good stuff. Now you see why I love car songs. They go together with rocknroll,

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  1. 1966 442. Sweeeet. I love them (not the single reservoir master cylinder and drum brakes, due to a near death experience).
    I would have loved to own a 66 442 W30. I had big plans to convert mine into a clone, but kept it mostly stock looking on the outside.
    Nice ride. I hope you get to drive it.

    I got a love for cars/car songs from birth from my dad and Beach Boys and Jan & Dean.


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