Lee Iacocca Top 5

I just heard the sad news that Lee Iacocca passed away. If you’re not a car nut then you may not know who Lee is. The most famous things he did was bring the world the Ford Mustang and later saved Chrysler Corporation from bankruptcy by making the K Car (in all of it’s many forms), the minivan, and by buying Jeep. He was a great visionary and will be missed.






12 thoughts on “Lee Iacocca Top 5

    • I have never heard that. Who sang it?

      My parents had a used 1978 Dodge Omni 024 in the 1980’s when my brother and I were in our teens. OMG that thing got beat on. Our goal at the time was to make as much tire smoke as humanly possible and the 80hp VW engine needed 5000rpm revs and icy roads to make it happen. My buddy also had an Omni in the 80’s as well. We had some fun times. I can tell you the tiny hatch was not very easy to sneak into drive in movies in. Haha.

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      • That my friend is an old SCTV sketch with Dave Thomas.

        We never had an Omni but my dad is a Dodge man. I inherited shares in Chrysler when I was a kid. Got a few hundred bucks a year in dividends. Annual stockholders letters from Lee. It was pretty cool though I got teased at school for it.

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  1. School kids suck.
    It could have been a letter from Gene Simmons or Wayne Gretzky and some would have found a reason to make fun of it.
    SCTV rules. I probably saw that way back but forgot it. I think they were always trying to get into the US market so skits like that were possibly their way in.

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    • I get it though, when I was growing up I was the weird kid. I was a bit like Will Byers in Stranger Things — just a little smaller and less “mature” than the other kids, late bloomer. So when some kids is asking me when I’m gonna get a job, and I say I have stock in Chrysler and that’s my income, you can see how I get teased. I haven’t forgotten though.

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  2. Car song take? I’ve been contemplating that for a while.
    My daughter (princess Falda) inherited a white K-Car off the Gal and I. On the way to school one day she swerved to miss a squirrel and somehow tore off the passenger side door. Falda being the resourceful Princess came home with a newly installed door (blue) from the auto wrecker. I love her.
    SCTV was staple with CB.

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