Album Review : The Cars – Greatest Hits Volume 2

After hearing the sad news that Ric Ocasek had passed away I wanted to do an album review as a tribute. The only thing is how to properly convey his music. I figured an album by The Cars would be the best since being the leader of that band was how most people remembered him. The self titled album would have been an incredible one to review since it is practically a greatest hits comp from cover to cover. Heartbeat City would have been a great one as well since most people love it. I however am not a fan of Drive, and felt this album was a just a little too soft for my liking. In 1985 The Cars released a single vinyl comp called Greatest Hits. It had 12 songs and I loved 10 of them. This was a great comp but to me it left off probably a dozen or more songs that could have been included. Therefore I am pretending that the band released this comp, mostly because I hope some of you check out their back catalogue.

You’re All I Got Tonight – I can’t imagine having the nuts to tell this to a woman. Awesome song but I bet a few dummies got a smack down back in the day.

Bye Bye Love – The simple guitar riffs, wonderful keys, vocal mixing of dead pan lyrics and cool harmonies make for one wicked tune.

Moving In Stereo – Easily my favourite song by the band. It just drips cool and the visual of Phoebe Cates getting out of the pool in Fast Times At Ridgemont High just seals the deal. Doesn`t anyone knock indeed (The song is also used in Stranger Things Season 3, but this pool scene just isn`t the same).

All Mixed Up – The guitar work is brilliant, the keys are sublime and the vocal harmonies are amazing.

It`s All I Can Do – The keys have an Emerson, Lake & Palmer feel to it. Sort of a New Wave version of Lucky Man.

Candy O – This song from the album of the same title (which Alberto Vargas came out of retirement to draw the album cover) may have been named for Candy Moore who was the model that inspired the album art. I am not sure, but I know it rocks.

The Dangerous Type – It has sort of Tom Petty meets Talking Heads feel to it.

Down Boys – Panorama may have been The Cars least appreciated albums, but this song and the next sound pretty  good to me.

Running To You – Like the band itself, this song is impossible to tie into one musical genre. Some garage rock, some rockabilly, some new wave, some hard rock guitar.

Cruiser – The guitar  tone has a Kiss feel to it. The band really knew how to shake it up.

Maybe Baby – The wicked drumming and guitar work may just have been the hardest stuff the band put out.

Hello Again – The keys in this one are very much like early Bon Jovi. I just wish I had used this on my answering machine back in the day.

Too bad the band never saw fit to release this album. I would have bought it for sure. RIP Rik. You will be missed.



14 thoughts on “Album Review : The Cars – Greatest Hits Volume 2

  1. I have been hacking away at getting there stuff on Vinyl. Last month I scored Greatest Hits and Heartbeat City on vinyl.
    Great tunes period. Ocasek was brilliant at carving out catchy hooks and choruses!
    Musical Genius.

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