Album Review: Max The Axe – Oktoberfest Cheer (2021)

Before I begin the review I will show you a rough copy of an email I am proposing to send to Kitchener City Council.

Dear Kitchener City Council. I am writing you today to propose that today (and moving forward every opening day of Oktoberfest) be Max The Axe Day. ‘Why should we do this?’ you ask. Good question. The answer is simple. Max The Axe rules. Do you have any more questions? ‘We already have enough fame and notoriety with Oktoberfest. Why do we need it to also be Max The Axe Day?’ you ask. This answer is also simple. Oktoberfest sucks. Max The Axe rules. No really. Oktoberfest has crap music. Stale Beer. Drunken idiots spilling their drinks and heaving. Loud obnoxious goofs. ‘Oktoberfest also has ladies in dirndls’ you say. Yes, that is pretty awesome, but if you add Max The Axe Day to that you would have a real party on your hands. Looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you can see my logic. Please do not make me send my legion of devoted followers (at least a half dozen at last count) to City Hall carrying a ghetto blaster playing the Nickelback’s Greatest Hit cd (it’s just one song on repeat).

Pygmy Blow Dart – Do you like Josh Homme’s music but detest his douchebaggery and his stupid face? Yeah me too. If so, then give this song a spin. The bass and guitar solos are wicked. The drums pound they way they should and the vocals are like a much less slappable version of Josh Homme. The “round and round” and “Dope” parts threw me off a bit but the song is still awesome.

Thirsty And Miserable – Like the way I always felt in the 3 mile lineups at Oktoberfest. The musicianship here again is awesome but a special shout out to Mike on the geetar. Really great. Eric does a wicked job as usual on the vocals.

Oktoberfest Cheer – Like the best 80’s Canadian punk band you ever heard. Imagine DOA, NOmeansno or Dayglo Abortions crashed the stage at Oktoberfest when Mike Ladano’s favourite old customer Walter Ostanek was up there schlepping his polka oom blah blah accordion. Instead of botting him off stage they let him join in. Big shot out for the guitar effects on this one.

Thanks to Max The Axe/Mike Ladano for gifting me a copy of this new ep. I really appreciate it. Hopefully as much as Kitchener will appreciate Max The Axe Day.


15 thoughts on “Album Review: Max The Axe – Oktoberfest Cheer (2021)

  1. I vote in favour of Max The Axe day, absolutely. And yeah, Oktoberfest sucks. I just don’t get it. Anyway. Before he became a conservative wonk, Dennis Miller was hilariously noted that even if you took away all the substances that can get you high, human beings would still spin around on their front lawn until they fell down and saw god. I suppose standing in line for plukey beer is the equivalent. Also, poor Joh Homme lol. Also, Nickelback had a good song? Ooft.

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  2. I had fun in my teens and 20s going to Oktoberfest. As I got older it became increasingly less fun.
    So basically people are stupid. Got it.
    If HMO tells me to I will recant about Josh.
    I have their first cd before they made it big. I didn’t mind it at the time. Although the late 90s was a bad time for music so anything seemed better than it really was.


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