Album Review: Toronto – Get It On Credit (1982 LP)

Toronto were a short lived Canadian band from the early to mid 1980’s. While they were around they had a succession of hits on Canadian radio and one from this album that made the U.S. charts. After 1985 the band was no longer and lead Holly Woods was left twisting in the wind. It’s too bad because they had the chops. If Ann & Nancy Wilson can still be plying their trade 45 years later, then Holly should be as well.

Break Down The Barricades – The start reminds me of 70’s Supertramp meets 80’s Styx. Then a wicked female vocalist belts out the lyrics and you know we’re in for something completely different. Holly has that sweet spot right between Ann Wilson and fellow Canadian Darby Mills(Headpins) covered. The guitar work here is great and the keys are cool but not over the top 80’s.

Your Daddy Don’t Know – This is an uncommon theme in rock music with a female rock singer promoting female empowerment and sex. Hi Infidelity indeed. Also uncommon was a rock band that had not only a great female vocalist but an amazing female lead/rhythm guitarist in Sharon Alton. A really good rocker that still holds up today.

Start Tellin’ The Truth – Gary Lalonde(later of Honeymoon Suite) was the new bassist for this album and he asserted himself on this song. The guitar work was great and Holly does a great job as well.

You’re A Mystery To Me – New drummer Barry Connors'(later of Coney Hatch) drum work and Scott Kreyer’ keys are the heroes here.

Don’t Walk Away – The song has an almost crying effect to the guitar similar to The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald. That is one of my favourite songs so I’m all in. Holly proves she can do a ballad as easily as belting out a rocker.

Get It On Credit – This one picks up the pace. The mix of pounding guitars, drums and bass followed by quieter sections focusing mostly on Holly’s quieter vocals make this a cool dual threat song.

Sick N’ Tired – Not a bad song that has really good elements but the keys are a bit dated in 2021.

Ya Love To Love – It kind of reminds me a bit of a Bryan Adams song. In a good way. If the backing band for Bryan had joined with Ann Wilson this would be the result.

Why Can’t We Talk? – I know guys. This is the last thing a dude wants to hear from a woman. However, this one is actually worth putting down the remote to listen to.

Run For Your Life – There was only a split second between the end of the last song and the beginning of this one. Here we have a rocker that closes out the album in fine fashion. The keys are just right, not too much this time. The bass is a bit louder than some of the past few and the guitar is great, including really nice solo. Holly belts out the tune in her usual great fashion.

If you like female fronted rock bands that truly know how to play, you can’t do much better than this one.


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