Album Review: Resurrection Band – Rainbow’s End (1979 Canadian LP)

I remember in high school seeing the bible thumping kids wearing Rez Band t-shirts. It was nothing like the music I listened to. It was not the work of the devil, and it’s number was not six hundred and sixty six. I just wrote off Rez Band as a band I would never listen to. As I got older, I got more accepting to many things, music included. I found a vg+ copy of this album for a buck at a thrift store. For that price what did I have to lose, and I figured this weekend was as good as any to spin this one.

Midnight Son – Wicked 70’s hard rock with the booming bass, pounding drums and amazing guitar work start this album off on good notes. Husband and wife Glenn and Wendy Kaiser with their back and forth vocals are sort of Ann Wilson and Paul Rogers like.

Strongman – Stu Hess’s guitar work is Joe Perry like and Wendy wails like a cross between Heart and Jefferson Starship.

Afrikaans – Long before any North American had heard about Apartheid, Resurrection Band hoped to teach the world about the injustices in South Africa. “God makes the colour, but the colour doesn’t make you God.” Amen.

Skyline – The harmonica is the star here. This one has a real Bad Company feel.

Paint A Picture – This one has an early Bryan Adams meets Steve Perry feel to it. If Steve Perry had a raspier voice this is how it might sound. The lyrics mention a blood covered cross and He died to prove his love for you. This song suits this weekend just fine.

Rainbow’s End – 70’s era guitar synthesizer starts this one off, then straight up, wailing guitars take over. Wendy’s wicked vocals are just awesome. If Led Zeppelin had a female lead singer, this is how it might have sounded.

Concert For A Queen – A bit of prog mixed with a little Jethro Tull start this one off. Fitting that the title mentions Queen since the guitar has a bit of Brian May sound to it. Picture a 70’s supergroup with Ian Anderson, Brian May and backed by the members of Yes to get an idea where this song is headed.

Sacrifice Of Love – This one fits into that late 70’s hard rock but also has a tiny bit of the late 70’s New Wave CBGB’s feel to it. If Heart had collaborated with Blondie, this may have been the result.

The Wolfsong – As I read these lyrics, it seems this song is a dig at televangelists. Telling others about God through song without asking them to empty their wallets seems like the better approach to me.

Everytime It Rains – The sax gives bit of a Foreigner flavour. A good song to end a really good album off on.

This long lost classic has opened my eyes toward Christian Rock. I recommend to buy this album if you ever see it in the wild. I know I’ll be buying more Resurrection Band albums if I see them.

Happy Easter everyone.



4 thoughts on “Album Review: Resurrection Band – Rainbow’s End (1979 Canadian LP)

    • I regret not listening to them back in the day.
      The vocals and musicianship is awesome on this one. You are right about the guitar solo.

      I want to search out other albums, but especially want to find their 1995 album Lament. Ty Tabor(King’s X) is the producer and is a guest musician on the album.

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