Top 10 Baseball Songs

The baseball playoffs are here and my Toronto Blue Jays are a wild card team. They have home field advantage in the wild card round, and they have the slugging power to beat any team in the league. Their defence can be scary though, so who knows? Anyway, here is my Top 10 songs with a baseball theme.

10) Enter Sandman – Not really a baseball song, per se, but it was the entrance song for possibly the best closing pitcher ever in baseball. I know that he played for the hated Yankees, but he was freaking awesome.

9) Ok Blue Jays – Not the best song ever, and it’s a total “homer” song in more ways than one, but I had to wash the thoughts of the Yankees out of my foggy, covid riddled brain.

8) Baseball Glove – Another not so great song, and it’s country at that. But Gord Bamford is Canadian and the sentiment of a little kid dreaming about a baseball glove seems to hit home. Plus any mention of Roy Halladay is a plus in my books.

7) Glory Days – The first verse of this song is a real account of Bruce Springsteen meeting his old high school baseball buddy years later.

6) The Greatest – Kenny Rogers and some of the greatest baseball players ever in the same video. Sign me up.

5) Catfish – Another Yankee song. Uggghhh.

4) Tessie – a Boston Red Sox song. Double uggghhh.

3) Centerfield – I just love John Fogerty’s voice.

2) Paradise By The Dashboard Light – A song about a different kind of home run.

1)Take Me Out To The Ballgame