Various Artist # 9 : The Wild Life (OST, 1984)

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Thanks to Bruce from Vinyl Connection for including me in the various music blog posts.

This was a teenager movie from 1984. I am assuming that I saw it back in the day, but my memory is a little hazy. Of note, Nancy Wilson from Heart, Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones, and Lee Ving from Fear play bit parts in the movie. This soundtrack is just a snippet of the music that was in the movie. In fact, many of the songs that were not on the album were probably better than a lot of the ones that were. Just as a snippet of what musicians were omitted: Hendrix x2, Steppenwolf, Peter Wolf, Huey Lewis & The News, Little Richard x 2, Billy Idol, Buffalo Springfield, Prince, and Madonna. For rock fans of the mid 80`s, this is possibly the biggest omission of all. Van Halen added much of the instrumental work that has never been released. Cameron Crowe wrote the screenplay, and Eddie (he`s called Edward on the album cover) Van Halen recorded the score. This movie has never been released to dvd or bluray because of the music rights. The only way to hear the tunes is to locate a vhs copy or to check out Youtube. Here`s a link to the VH background music. Note the beginnings of many a Van Hagar song here.

Donut City (Edward Van Halen) – This sounds like a Loverboy-Turn Me Loose outtake with EVH on guitar. This was the last recorded song EVH recorded before Sammy came on the scene. Cool guitar of course, but not as cool as any off of 1984.

Metal Of The Night (Hanover Fist) – A weird choice here. I have no idea why they chose a Canadian band here. This short-lived group got their 30 seconds of fame on this soundtrack. It`s a decent song.

It`s Not Easy (Charlie Sexton with Ron Wood) – The credits also mention Keith Richards and Anton Fig play on this one. I`m not sure why it was just “with” Ron Wood. I guess no one would know who those other guys were. A song in the same vein as a fun time Huey Lewis 80`s tune.

Human Shout (Andy Summers) – Did somebody call The Police? The others must have been off on other calls. Too 80`s sounding for me. The vocals are decent, the rest not so much.

Wild Life (Banarama) – I liked this band back in the day. Not for the music though. Speaking of 80`s sounding. Imagine the Spice Girls with awful keyboards and electronic drums. I listened to the entire song for you people. UGGGGGHHH!

Mind My Still Have I (Alain Johannes) – Um. What`s up with that title? Also, what`s up with the copying Eddie Rabbit – Drivin` My Life Away and trying to cover that up by adding in cheesy keyboards.

Make It Glamorous (Van Stephenson) – Not Van Halen. Not even Van Morrison. No need to park this Van in the back 40 though. This one has a similar beat to The Pretenders – My City Was Gone, but can stand on it`s own 2 feet. One of the better songs on the album. It is called just “Glamorous” on the back cover, but I will get into the cover later.

Who`s Gonna Break The Ice (Peter Case) – It kind of sounds like Ramones drumming with country rock. In a former life, Case opened many a show for the Ramones in his band The Nerves. I would have rather him stuck to his punk leanings, but I guess the musical wind shifted. On the cover it is called “Whose Gonna Break The Ice.”

I Go Wild (The Three O’clock) – Almost has a 90`s alternative meets 60`s rock. Weird since it was the mid 80`s. They were both ahead and behind the times. I like the way they sound. I have never heard of them, but they released quite a few albums, and are still around, at least in name. I will search out some of their albums.

No Trespassing (Louise Goffin with Charlotte Caffey) – Not a bad song. Kind of like a Go-Go`s song, which is no wonder since Charlotte was in the band at the time. Louise also had a song on the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack.

Now back to the cover. Spelling mistakes, lazy word omissions aside, the cover is confusing as hell. The front cover lists Banarama as the first band on the album and Edward Van Valen as the last. I would have been wanting to capture the buzz from the just relased 1984 album, but what do I know. The front and back are opposite, so you have to turn it around, then turn it upside down to read the print. Also, the inside record sleeve lists the songs in the wrong order. Piss poor job.

If EVH had included a number of the songs omitted, and dropped the cheesy ones, this could have been a great album. It is probably desirable for a Stones or VH fan, but for many it`s avoidable.







Various Artist # 8 : Tannoy Pro Sampler Volume 2

Tannoy is a British loudspeaker company, and this compilation is a widely varied mix of different styles and genres to show how good the speakers sound. From the liner “A lot of hard work has gone into selecting the cuts that best display the qualities and virtues of the famous Tannoy Dual Concentric technology. Apparently this cd took 2 years to make. I wonder if Axl was involved.

A Little Knowledge (Is a Dangerous Thing) : Tower Of Power – Some cool horns and a thumping bass start this one off, and sweet guitar finishes it.

Breaking Silence : Janis Ian – Ok. I have some Janis Ian albums from the 70’s. I need to pull these out. I bought them used, but never really listened to them. She has an amazing voice. This one has a much harder beat than I would have assumed one of her songs would have. I need to find this album, Breaking Silence from 1992. Apparently it was nominated for a Grammy.

Carnival : Natalie Merchant – This song is cool because it has 3 women singing almost simultaneously, and has a sort of echo. The drums are sweet, and the guitar is sublime.

Now That I’ve Found You : Alison Krause – I LOVE her voice on anything, so no more needs to be said.

Mercador De Siri : Andres Segovia – Speaking of siri, just ask her about an amazing Spanish classical guitarist. I bet she says Segovia.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright : Tuck & Patti – I don’t know anything about this married couple. She has a bit of Christine McVie to her voice, and he is a cool jazzy guitarist.

Minuetto & Finale from Pulcinella Suite : St. Paul Chamber Orchestra – A little classical never hurt anyone.

Autumn Leaves : Johnny Mercer & Joseph Kozma – A swinging jazz number.

Round About Midnight : The Michael Petrucciani Trio – Some relaxing post bop.

Saeta : Miles Davis – Miles Davis. Enough said.

Bird On A Wire : Jennifer Warnes (Leonard Cohen) – At least one of you will say no one can ever cover Leonard Cohen. Well, I say this one is pretty good.

Somewhere Down The Crazy River : Robbie Robertson – I love this song.

Frame For The Blues : Jimmy McGriff & Hank  Crawford Quartet – Amazing organ and sax work, but with these guys that is to be expected.

All For You : Diana Krall – Her sultry, smoky voice slays me every time.



Various Artist # 7 : The Beginning British Blues (1969)

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Thanks to Bruce from Vinyl Connection for letting me join in on the various album fun.

This album went by many titles. The version I have is the Canadian version (There was a US version with the same title). It also went by Blues Anytime Vol. 3, An Anthology Of British Blues, Anthology of British Blues Vol. 3, British Blues Archive Series Vol. 3, and Best Of The British Blues Anthology Vol. 3. Phew. That was a lot of titles, but whatever it was called it is not only an early British blues album, but also a history lesson.

I picked this one up last year and looked at the players listed. Some I recognized and others I didn’t so I will fill you in as I go along.

I didn’t know who Cyril Davies was so I looked him up. He was one of the first people to bring Chicago-style blues to Britain. When the clubs in Britain refused to let electronic blues be played, he opened his own clubs. He held true to himself and failed to give in to the pressure to play more popular covers of the day such as Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. He only wanted to play the blues he loved. On the second night his new club was open, a young admirer named Mick Jagger was on hand, and even sang one song.

Side A features 6 songs focusing on Cyril Davies during his brief career in the British blues scene (he died in 1964 at the age of 31). His bands during this period often had a different set of players, some that went on to become more famous elsewhere. (The video below is not from this album, but it shows how awesome Cyril Davies was)

Someday Baby (Cyril Davies and the All-Stars) – Harmonica (which is what Cyril was best known for), keyboard and bass driven song. Has a jazz feel to it.

Steelin’ (The All-Stars featuring Jeff Beck) – A teenage Jeff Beck dominates this song. He has a less complex tone here, but as we know really grows into his sound later. It has sort of a Hawaiian guitar tone. The keys are pretty cool here too.

L.A. Breakdown (The All-Stars featuring Jimmy Page*) – The piano keys are very Jerry Lee Lewis like, with the stand up bass holding down the fort. Oh yeah, some guy named Jimmy Page.

Chuckles ( The All-Stars Featuring Jeff Beck) – This one surprisingly has a very Chuck Berry tone to it. I guess since it is still an original, he can still be true to the blues in his own way.

Down In The Boots (The All-Stars featuring Jimmy Page*) – Cool, jazzy hep cat blues instrumental is the order of the day here. Jimmy has never been so jazzy.

Piano Shuffle (The All-Stars) – It has a Don`t try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock N Roll tone to it. In fact, Long John Baldry was one of the earliest vocalists to sing for Cyril Davies. I can only assume this song was worked on by Long John, or was used as an influence for his song

I flip the record over and immediately realize this is a later period of the British blues than side A. The tone has changed, and in my opinion, for the better. The All-Stars carried on after Cyril died. Long John Baldry took over, and Rod Stewart was in the band for a time.

Miles Road (Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page) – I think I have heard of these guys before. Their names sound familiar. This was from a jam session Jimmy Page had asked Eric Clapton to be a part of. When the record company found out about them, they forced Jimmy to hand them over since it was in his contract to give them any recorded material. it sounds pretty sweet to me.

The next 3 songs are from a short lived band called Santa Barbera Machine Head. The band was formed and disbanded in 1967. The band consisted of John Twink Gardner on drums, Kim Gardner on bass, Ronnie Wood on guitar, and Jon Lord on keyboards ( I wonder if part of the band name was used by Jon Lord for the album Machine Head in his next band, Deep Purple). This may have been one of the first supergroups, even though that probably was not even a word then. The band only released these 3 instrumental songs. That is a crying shame.

Porcupine Juice (Santa Barbera Machine Head) – Pounding drums, amazingly fresh guitar tone, and soaring keyboards. Wonderful.

Albert (Santa Barbera Machine Head) – Do not let the slower pace fool you. This one will still lure you in with the awesomeness. The bass rears itself in the middle of this one to try and compete with Ron Wood and Jon Lord. Good luck with that.

Rubber Monkey (Santa Barbera Machine Head) – I would fill a shelf with rubber monkeys if they were half as awesome as this song.

Howlin For My Darling (Stuff Smith) – This is not the American jazz violinist. In this case it was a pseudonym for Dead Fred who went on to play in Hawkwind, Inner City Unit and others. It is kind of a strange, weaker addition to the end of this side, although it would have been hard for anyone to follow those players.

*not credited on the album





Various Artist #6 : Music from The Motion Picture – Judgement Night (1993)

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Thanks Bruce from Vinyl Connection for inviting me into the Various Artists collaboration.

Record Store Day 2016 reminded me again about this album. I haven’t heard it in years. This album was released on that day for the first time on vinyl. I tried my best to find a copy, but unfortunately it was a USA only release. Oh well, I have the cd, and it sounds good, so for today it will suffice for this review.

Before we start here, a little disclaimer. If you don’t like hip hop and heavier rock mixed, you may want to look elsewhere. Run DMC released the album Raising Hell in 1986 which included the amazing single Walk This Way in collaboration with Aerosmith. From then until the early/mid 90’s there were a number of rock/hip hop songs out there riding the wave of popularity. This soundtrack is arguably the best comp of this style out there. Another little disclaimer about Judgement Night is that I have never seen the movie, so I can’t vouch for it. I can tell you the soundtrack is pretty awesome though.

Just Another Victim (Helmet & House Of Pain) – Helmet is an under-rated and under-appreciated band. Best known for their heavy songs from the 90’s. House Of Pain is an Irish-American band most known for the hit song Jump Around. This song is split with the first half mostly Helmet, and the second half mostly H.O.P. The transition flows nicely and it’s a cool song.

Fallin’ (Teenage Fan Club & De La Soul) – I’m not a huge fan of this one. Way too much De La Soul and a waste of the talent of the amazing band Teenage Fan Club.

Me, Myself & My Microphone (Living Colour & Run DMC) – This one is heavy and awesome. Done when both bands were at the height of popularity. Great guitar work and vocals would be expected, and this song does not disappoint.

Judgement Night (Biohazard & Onyx) – Biohazard as a metal/rap group already had the rap element to their music and mixing Onyx (a hardcore rap band that I did not know much about) into the mix made for a fitting song. I expected it to be a bit heavier, but it’s pretty good.

Disorder (Slayer & Ice T) What do you get when you mix one of the Big Four with Detective Fin Tutuola? Awesomeness of course. Wicked guitar, drumming and amazing vocals. Rick Rubin produced this one, and he keeps it at a great thrash pace. Fans that lean more towards Ice T may not like that his vocals seem to be at a faster pace than usual. He has a very cool and distinctive voice that some would feel suits a slower pace better.

Another Body Murdered (Faith No More & Boo-Yaa Tribe) – Unfortunately Mike Patton’s vocals are used mostly for screams and backgrounds. Another waste of talent here, although the rap in this song has a real great beat.

I Love You Mary Jane (Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill) – The contrast between the haunting vocals of Kim Gordon and the unique rap style of Cypress Hill really work here. I have always found the vocals of B-Real from Cypress Hill to be too much like Insane Clown Posse, but they sound pretty good here.

Freak Momma (Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot) All I can hear is “I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can’t deny…” when I hear Sir Mix-A-Lot and this song is no different. That’s a shame because Mudhoney play an awesome back up here. I wish the song had more Mudhoney so I could focus on this song more.

Missing Link (Dinosaur Jr. & Del The Funky Homosapien) – If you’re anything like me you would think “I know Dinosaur Jr. but who the hell is that other guy”. He kind of reminds me of a Fresh Prince. With Dinosaur Jr. playing, you know that J Mascis is going to slay the guitar, and destroy the wah pedal. The bass here is pretty cool, and Del does a pretty good job. The below video is a live version not found on this album. Of note in the video are J Mascis of course, and the 3 Mike’s involved. Mike Johnson (Dinosaur Jr., Mark Lanegan, QOTSA), Mike D (Beastie Boys), Mike Watt (Minuteman, Dos, Firehose).

Come And Die (Therapy? & Fatal) – The guitar riffs at the start and end of this song sounds to me as if it inspired Daisy Berkowitz(RIP) on Marilyn Manson’s song Sweet Dreams. Two of the least known bands on this comp do a very fine job on this one. Just the right blend of heavy music and hip hop for me.

Real Thing (Pearl Jam & Cypress Hill) – I’m not a huge PJ fan and I am scratching my head as to why Cypress Hill got to play on 2 songs on this comp. They may have been my last choice compared to the other talent involved. One thing I like on this one is that Sen Dog got to sing part of the song which made it less jugalo like. Pearl Jam are mostly just background filler here, so in 1993, I am sure a ton of people bought this just for that band, but would have been mostly disappointed.

A really good soundtrack. There are some things I would change, and some talent wasted, but for the most part, pretty damn good.



Various Artists #5 : Lazurus – David Bowie and the original New York(Broadway) cast (2 cd 2016)

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Thanks again to Bruce from Vinyl Connection for the various blog invite.

On January 11, 2016 the cast of the Broadway musical Lazurus met at the studio as planned to record this album. Upon arriving, they were informed their mentor for this project, David Bowie, had passed away the night before. Some as young as 14 were sobbing uncontrollably. There was no changing the date for the recording however, and all had to find the strength to carry on, and do their best to pay tribute to the man they all loved.

I was in a local record store last year listening to what I found out was this album. I usually feel that albums featuring actors usually leave a lot to be desired. However, the clerk and I agreed it was really good, so I had to buy it.

The album contains mostly work of the cast, however there are some original David Bowie songs. The song Lazarus from Blackstar, plus 3 songs that were recorded during the Blackstar sessions, but meant specifically  for this recording. Therefore these 3 songs on CD2 are the last pieces of work that David Bowie ever recorded. Regardless of your feelings about actors singing, if you are a Bowie fan, you need these songs in your collection. The new songs were later released on the No Plan EP, however I feel this album is worth getting in it’s own right.

(I might suggest to anyone that is a huge Bowie fan to start listening to CD2 before CD1. Therefore hearing the new Bowie songs by Bowie first.)

Hello Mary Lou : Rick Nelson – A snippet of Rick Nelson to begin this album off is a weird but good thing.

Lazarus : Michael C Hall and original cast – If the name Michael C Hall doesn’t ring a bell, he was better known as Dexter. He’s a great actor, and now I know he has some really good chops. (The below video clip is live and not the version on this album)

It’s No Game : Michael C Hall, Lynn Craig, and original cast – A cool version of this lesser-known song from Scary Monsters.

This Is Not America : Sophia Anne Caruso and original cast – I have seen the strength of teenage girls fighting through pain while watching my own daughter. I can’t believe a 14 year old composed herself quickly after hearing of David Bowie’s death and still be able to sing this good.

The Man Who Sold The World : Charlie Pollack – This version is based on the weaker version Bowie reworked in the 1990’s. Anyone not knowing this and comparing it to the original would wonder why they would ruin such a great song.

No Plan : Sophia Anne Caruso – The first time we hear a new David Bowie song should not be a cover version. She has a great little voice though.

Love Is Lost : Michael Esper and original cast – This one has a great beat to it. Almost like a rock band and symphony are right there in your living room.

Changes : Cristin Milioti and original cast – Not a bad version, but it leans a bit towards cabaret. No Bowie song should ever morph into “jazz hands”.

Where Are We Now? : Michael C Hall and original cast – A good one for Michael to cover since it is a newer, and perhaps lesser known Bowie song. He does a fine job here.

Absolute Beginners : Michael C Hall, Cristin Milioti, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso, Krystina Alabado and original cast – This was the theme song from the movie of the same name. They do a good job here.

Dirty Boys : Michael Esper – Another newer, perhaps lesser known. Again, fine job.

Killing A Little Time : Michael C Hall – Did I not mention a new David Bowie should never be first heard as a cover song? He does a really good job though.

Life On Mars? : Sophia Anne Caruso – This young lady should put out an album someday. She has a nice voice that she will eventually mature into. The piano is really nice and pairs well with her voice.

All The Young Dudes : Nicholas Christopher, Lynn Craig, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso, Christina Alabado, and original cast – Cool guitar and horns. Great vocals all around but a wee bit of “jazz hands”. It does get better with successive listens though, so give it a shot.

Sound And Vision : David Bowie – Just a snippet of his greatness.

Always Crashing In The Same Car : Cristin Milioti – Great guitar work and wonderful vocals on this Bowie deeper cut.

Valentine’s Day : Michael Esper and original cast – Another newer song from The Next Day album. Again, great guitar work and good vocals. The more pronounced background vocals are a nice touch on this one, except near the end of the song with the “yeah”s.

When I Met You : Michael C Hall and Krystina Alabado – See notes above about a cover of a new Bowie song.

Heroes : Michael C Hall, Sophia Anne Caruso and original cast – A softer, perhaps darker piano based version of the song. I like it. (The below video clip is live, and not the same as on this album)

The second cd has 4 Bowie songs. I already covered Lazurus when I reviewed Blackstar. Here is a reprint of how I felt about it then:

Lazurus – Nice drum beat, mellow bass and soothing sax start this song off. The vocals and guitar kick in like a mule. They make you sit up and take notice. “Look up here, I’m in Heaven.” Abso(fucking)lutely foreshadowing his future. “Everybody Knows Me Now” Well duh. This might be the best song on the album. I would suggest it may be his best since the 70’s. As for the video below, it could easily have slid right into The Wall movie. Hopefully it stays just as iconic.

No Plan – I find it very hard to believe David Bowie ever had “No Plan”. This simple song has a floating string section, and a wonderful horn accompaniment. Almost like Bowie is paying homage to the softer side of Floyd’s Us And Them. I think this song tells us that he will live on through music, whether it be in the streets of New York, or around the world. That sounds like a plan to me.

Killing A Little Time – What it might sound like if Trent Reznor, David Bowie and an orchestra did a collaboration song. “I’ve got a handful of songs to sing, to sting your soul, to fuck you over.”

When I Met You – 2015 Bowie goes back to his Ziggy era days and glams it up. The background chants Bowie himself  sang mixed with the Bowie lead vocals are really cool. A really cool throwback song.

I really hope this is not the only “new” recordings we ever hear from David bowie, but for now, they’re all pretty damn fine.





Various Artists #4 : CBC Radio 3 Sessions Vol. 1 (2004)

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Thanks to Bruce from Vinyl Connection for welcoming me along on the Various Artist blog collaboration.

This compilation is from CBC Radio 3 up here in Canadaland, and features performances by Canadian bands live in studio.

Sloan : Losing California – We’ve all heard Sloan, and we all think they’re awesome, except for one dude across the pond who shall  remain nameless. NHMO as it were.

The New Pornographers : The Fake Headlines – Neko Case. Enough said.

Hot Hot Heat : Le Le Low – They recorded this while still an unknown Victoria band. Shortly after this they were signed by Sub Pop, then scooped up by Warner.

The Hidden Cameras : Music is My Boyfriend – This was one of Studio 3’s most popular sessions. 12 band members and a few go-go dancers lit it up. Again, they were signed shortly after this recording to a record deal.

The Dears : Expect The Worst – The guitar work and keys are completely awesome.

Kid Koala : Drunk Trumpet – It kind of sounds like this dj is doing an electronic manipulation, but in fact he is doing it with 3 turntables spinning at once. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I respect the level of difficulty involved.

Manitoba : Leila – Too dance floor for me.

Brassmunk : Push Up – Kind of like the Canadian version of NWA. They sound pretty cool.

The Organ : A Sudden Death – Shortly after this band began to practice, they were in the CBC studio. It has kind of a cool post punk feel to it. Katie Sketch sounds like a female Robert Smith

Tricky Woo : Hot Kitty – Whoa. This song is cool. A hard edged garage rock song with wicked guitar, and a wild man belting out the vocals. Me likey.

The Constantines : Blind Luck – Recorded in a hotel conference room at the 2003 NXNE Music Conference in Toronto. You might assume that in such a sterile environment, the recording will not sound great. You would assume wrong.

Rheostatics : Harmelodia (Easy To Be With You) – Easy to assume this would be awesome. You would assume right. (Of note on the liner notes is the mention of the band recording a Brave New Waves session in 1988. CBC just released this session and I picked up a copy on coloured vinyl.)

The Sadies : I Tried Not To – This song would make an awesome soundtrack song. I could see Quentin Tarentino loving these guys. Wicked guitar work, and oh man, what a voice.

Buck 65 : The Anthem – Giddy wordplay is how this one is described.

John K Samson : Utilities – Better known as the lead singer of The Weakerthans, John K Samson does a solo set here. He definitely can sing the phone book and doesn’t need anyone to back him up. “I guess our wishes don’t do dishes, or brake repairs. Make them something somebody can use.”

Oh Susanna : Kings Road – Suzie Ungerleider is a wandering soul. Born in USA, raised in Vancouver, schooled in Montreal, and at the time of this recording living in Toronto. A really cool song with some sweet fiddle playing, and a really cool voice.




Various Album #3. Q107 Concerts In The Sky – The Campfire Versions (a limited edition collector cd in support of The Starlight Foundation 1996)

Q107 is a Toronto rock radio station that has been going since 1977. In the 80’s and 90’s the station had bands come in and perform intimate, and often impromptu numbers in the radio studios during the 6 O’clock Rock Report. This cd is made up of some of those performances, and supports the Starlight Foundation in helping to make a wish come true for a ill or injured child.

Tom Cochrane : Good Times – His music has been played far too often on Canadian radio, but I always welcome a fresh, live version. This version was recorded in the summer of 1992.

Our Lady Peace : Naveed – Ditto from above, but recorded December 1995.

Rusty : Wake Me – A lesser known Canadian band that had a bit of success up here in the 90’s. Steve Warden from Q107 recalls the first time he met the band at the studio “First I saw the gear, then I heard them play. I thought for sure they were going to cause structural damage to the building.” The band recorded this song in December 1995, shortly before the below Youtube clip was filmed.

Victoria Williams : Crazy Mary – This was recorded in October 1993, a few months after the Sweet Relief : A Benefit For Victoria Williams album relief was released. Victoria was going through financial hardship due to her recent MS diagnosis and no health insurance. You wouldn’t know she had a debilitating disease here though. This song was the favourite “concert in the sky” performance of both dj’s Steve Warden and Joey Vendetta. I have heard Eddie Vedder since this song many times, and he does a really good job. This version is 1 million times better though. I can actually visualize the characters in this song as she sings. So, so good. 4 words describe it: Chills. Touching. Poignant. Wow!!! (The Youtube clip was filmed the same month from a different performance. I much prefer the Q107 version, but this one is pretty good too.)

Nick Lowe : What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love an Understanding – Steve warden remembers Elvis Costello playing this song for him in a dumpy hotel room in 1978 (that would have ruled). “It was a thrill to have the song’s author play his own, very different version in our control room 17 years later.”

Blue Rodeo : Is It You – Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy from the band were in studio in March ’93. It reminds me of a wonderfully simple but beautiful song along the lines of Simon & Garfunkel.

Burton Cummins : Sour Suite – The former Guess Who singer did one of his signature songs played on the piano in the lobby of the radio station in September 1994. “Whatever happened to homes as opposed to houses?” Such a cool lyric.

Matthew Sweet : Sick of Myself – Performed in May ’95 when Matthew was in Toronto for a concert at The Opera House. Rock Report anchor Steve Warden believes Mathew to be one of the best songwriters around. “This tune is all the proof you need. It was a real treat to have Matthew walk into the control room and play a solo version of the big hit from his 100% Fun album.

The Jayhawks : Waiting For The Sun – Recorded in May ’93. The dj’s called them “a criminally under-rated band, which has now, unfortunately broken up.” (Of note is the fact that original member Mark Olsen left the band shortly after this performance to look after his wife, the aforementioned Victoria Williams).

Sheryl Crow : Run Baby Run – Recorded in April 1994, just as her first hit song “All I Wanna Do ” was hitting the charts, and not long before her career exploded across North America, including her opening for the Eagles a few months later in Toronto.

John Hiatt : Perfectly Good Guitar – When this song was played on the Rock Report the phone lines were flooded with callers that had never heard it, and wanting to hear it again.

Pete Droge : If You Don’t Love Me – Recorded in March ’95 prior to Pete opening that night for Tom Petty. Steve Warden predicted stardom for this talented young performer “He’s a brilliant songwriter.” Pete’s original version of the song appears on the Dumb And Dumber soundtrack.

Charlie Sexton : Ugly All Day – This was recorded in March ’95 just after the amazing Arc Angels had broken up, and Charlie had set off on his own again. Charlie has a cool voice that sounds like the best parts of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen together.

Joan Osborne : Spider Web – Performed in June ’95 just after Rolling Stone called her “the next explosion waiting to happen”. Steve Warden agreed “She’s a talented performer and the rest of the world is now starting to discover her. Joan is on her way to becoming a very successful recording artist.” The recording industry must have agreed as she was nominated for 3 Grammys later that year.

Collective Soul : When The Water Falls – Ed Roland from the band did a solo visit to the station and performed this song in March ’95. His voice is so great here.

The Watchmen : In My Mind – This Winnipeg band were at the height of their career when they visited the station and recorded this song back in June ’94.

Lawrence Gowan : Dancing On My Own Ground – This version of the song was recorded back in November 1995, and his voice has a real growl to it(The Q107 version is better than the below Youtube clip). I really like it. Just like John Cougar, he will always be Gowan to me. Just don’t call him Larry.

David Wilcox : O Freedom – David was in the studio in Toronto recording a new album(Thirteen Songs), and one day he stopped by the station and played a special version of this unreleased song. The guys were happy since David has been known to be reclusive. This is a really different side of David we hear on this song.

Hidden bonus track – This last one is a compilation of studio audio clips from a bunch of musicians during interviews on the Rock report over the years.