Album Review:Diana Krall-Wallflower(2015)

I have just gotten into Diana Krall in the last year or so. Her voice is so smoky, she is beautiful, and she is married to Elvis Costello. Talk about hitting the trifecta. This album is an album of cover songs, except for If I Take You Home Tonight, which Paul McCartney wrote but never released. She released it here with permission. The album came in 3 versions. The regular version (same on cd and vinyl) with 12 tracks, the Deluxe edition with 16 tracks, and the Complete Sessions with 20 songs. I always say go big, or go home so I got the 20 track version.

California Dreamin’ – Smoky, sexy, raspy. Call it what you will, her voice will make anyone sit up and take notice. When the bass kicks in, I can almost see the collective musicians in the stoner metal genre stare at the speakers in disbelief. No wonder Christian McBride has won 4 Grammys, and leads 4 bands.

Desperado – I had kind of a sombre moment when this song started. I felt a wave of emotion roll over me. I feel really embarrassed to have not given Glenn Frey his just dues, and I was paying the price. This was the song that solidified the songwriting team of Glenn Frey and Don Henley. It is an amazing song, and I can think of no one better that Diana to do it justice. Dianna has subtle nuances and voice pitch changes that allow her to make it sound like there is more than one vocalist. But it is all her.

Superstar – Who knew a song about a groupie could be so romantic and touching.

Alone Again (Naturally) (duet with Michael Buble) – The combination of these two amazing talents should push this song into deep outer space. The song is about being left at the alter, and wanting to end one’s own life, but forgive me if I can’t stop smiling. The sound travelling through my ears can only have this effect.

Wallflower(featuring Blake Mills) – WOW. Bob Dylan is an amazing talent, but he has nothing on this lady. Holy hell is she awesome on this song. I get goosebumps every time I hear it. Kudos to Blake Mills for some wicked guitar playing as well. A MA ZING. 2015 was a good year for him. Not just this song, but producer of the year for Alabama Shakes- Sound And Color.

If I Take You Home Tonight – Written by Paul McCartney. No 4 words in music better express the potential for a great song. Sorry you left this off of your album Paul. Your loss is Diana’s gain.

I Can’t Tell You Why – Another Eagles cover. There is no mistake. They really knew how to put a great song together. This album almost seems like a fitting Glenn Frey tribute.

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word – “What have I got to do to make you love me.” Just keep singing like that. That’s it.

Operator(That’s Not The Way It Feels) – Operator. Could you help me place this call? I need to tell Diana how awesome she is

I’m Not In Love – I am!!!!

Feels Like Home(duet with Bryan Adams) – Like many Canadians I am quite sick of hearing Bryan Adams every day on the radio, but this song is fresh, and his raspy voice matches almost perfectly with Diana’s. My favourite song with him in it since the Reckless album first came out over 30 years ago.

Don’t Dream It’s Over – Thank goodness I bought the Complete Sessions or it would be over

In My Life – Piano and a sexy, raspy female singer. Another example where Diana sounds like there is more than one vocalist. Is there anything better for a Beatles cover. I think not.

Yeh Yeh(duet with Georgie Fame) – I say YEAH YEAH

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (live) – This woman is so awesome, I can not tell her live performance from her studio song. I must see her live.

Wallflower(live) – See above description

A Case Of You – My favourite part is the snippet “Oh Canada”. I would love to see Diana sing our anthem.

If You Could Read My Mind(duet with Sarah McLaughlin) – This song is one of the main reasons I wanted the Complete Sessions. I LOVE Gordon Lightfoot. I LOVE this song. Goosebumps baby, goosebumps. The ladies do it justice. I am not disappointed. My repeat button is going to break.

Everybody’s Talkin'(duet with Vince Gill) – I am not a big fan of the background music in this song. It sounds like bad, Hawaiian karaoke. The vocals are good though. One song out of 20 that is not awesome is a pretty good percentage though.

Heart Of Gold – Great guitar and violin here. Then there are the vocals. If Neil Young’s version is a perfect 10, this is a 9.99999999.

I don’t know if I have ever heard a better cover album. She chose some lofty songs to emulate, and did them all justice.








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