EP Review: Prophets of Rage (2016) #200wordchallenge

This 5 song EP is from a band that many consider to be one of those buzz words that rhymes with superdupe. I, along with many fans of Rage Against The Machine have been waiting for the possibly inevitable reunion. The band put out such strong records in the ’90’s that fans salivate over anything even remotely close. Also Chuck D is incredibly awesome and DJ Lord and B-Real are no slouches either.

Prophets Of Rage – Sirens wail, and drums pound. “Clear the way….” Chuck D is on fire on this song. B-Real does his best Insane Clown Posse impression, and the boys from Rage kick ass and take names.

The Party’s Over – Ok. Did the band Know I was doing a misheard lyrics post as well? They must have. The Party Sofa. I don’t think I want to sleep on that one thanks.

Killing In The Name (Live) – This does not have the intensity of the original. The guitar, bass, and drums are wicked awesome though.

Shut ‘Em Down (Live) – A better live version. The keyboards have kind of a VH feel.

No Sleep ‘Til Cleveland (Live) – Bonus points from me for doing a Beastie Boys song.



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