Remembrance Day 2018

It has been 100 years since the end of World War 1. The war that was to end all wars. Obviously that was not the case, but maybe we can learn from our mistakes. Here is a tribute to my (and my family’s) step-fathers, uncles, cousins, friends and co workers that fought, so that I, and all of us could live in a free society. To all I say Thank You. If you have not done so, buy a poppy, go to a Remembrance Day ceremony, or even just have a moment of silence at 11am.



4 thoughts on “Remembrance Day 2018

  1. Just after 11am I was watching the ceremony and heard a loud noise.
    I looked out my window and saw a RCAF fighter flying right over my house.
    I’ve been to plenty of sporting events and concerts with jets flying over down south, but never had one affect me like this one did.
    Touching. Awesome. Thank you to the RCAF pilots that gave their lives, and to the pilot that flew over. You just put today in perspective.


      • I miss that guy. I have to admit Bop that when i first heard him I thought it was a joke but I soon changed that ignorant attitude to one of loving the guy. Same as you, when my gang was getting big, Stompin was a staple. We still bring him out and there are smiles all around. I never seen that video you posted. That’s him doing what he did 100%. Refreshing as hell.

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