Concert Review : Black Sabbath (The End World Tour -Toronto 2016) #200wordchallenge

2016-08-29 21.36.55

I accepted the 200wordchallenge from Mike Ladano. I already reviewed another Sabbath concert this year. Since this is the last time I ever see Sabbath, I had to write about it. We missed Rival Sons since our train was late. Ozzy’s voice was better this time around, but still not in peak form. Ozzy had a hard time getting the words out in rapid fire. I heard guys talking after about how either Ozzy held the mic too far away, or the sound guy was at fault. I think it is just Ozzy getting old. Also, I would have left 4 songs off the setlist, and would have replaced them with some older songs and a few off 13.

2016-08-29 21.38.50

Tommy Clufetos pounded the drums into submission. Tony Iommi was his awesome self. Ozzy was pretty good for his age. However, Geezer stole the show for me. His amazing finger work was possibly better than any bassist I have ever seen live. The last number of times I saw Sabbath I concentrated on Tony, Ozzy and Tommy. Not this time. I watched Geezer on the big screen and he was on fire.

Goodbye Black Sabbath. I’ll really miss you.


35 thoughts on “Concert Review : Black Sabbath (The End World Tour -Toronto 2016) #200wordchallenge

    • Yes. My favourite band of all time. I didn’t get the same emotions I did with The Hip final show. Maybe I will after the final show of The End tour.
      Geezer may have stole the show before, but I never focused most of my attention on him before. He deserved my focus, and he got it.

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    • Thanks dude. The only way I could limit Sabbath to 200 words is because I had done a proper review earlier from the same tour. I didn’t want Ozzy being sick the last time to be the last time I had ever seen the band. Shame this last tour couldn’t have included Ward though.
      The rumour is he may appear at the last ever show. I hope they make an album and video of it.

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  1. Wow the roadies have a long day, considering they also have to tear down after!

    Also, am surprised they only gave the Doors 70 minutes before Rival Sons went on. Seems a band like them could play longer than that…

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  2. So didja buy the signed CD? 🙂

    Dude, I’m so glad you got to see them again. Twice in the tour! Awesome! Myself, I’m kinda glad they’re calling it a day now, sad as it truly is. Imagine a tour a few years from now, them dragging Ozzy’s gibbering corpse around the country… no. Let it end with dignity and ability to still do the damn show.

    It would be lovely if the original 4 got together for at least one more show, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with all of that. I’m sure Clufetos wouldn’t mind giving up the chair for that.

    We’ll miss ’em, indeed!

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    • Ummm. No to the cd. Although the discogs prices were redonkulous. I think sale prices from $100 to over $300.
      There are 2 signed for sale. Both over $500.
      I am pretty sure the signed were $50 in Hamilton, and now $110 in Toronto.
      I am not happy but realize it is time.
      A guy on the train ride after said that he went to Motley Crue and Vince Neil was awful. Missing lyrics. Singing at the wrong time, so at least Ozzy wasn’t that bad.
      My guess is they will do a “special guest” near the end of the last show and Ward will fill in.
      End the band with Bill there in my opinion, then hug it out and go your separate ways.
      Even if Bill wants big money, let him have it and give the fans what they want.


      • Wow, $50 to $110? Further proof everything is more expensive in Toronto. Shoulda bought one in Hamilton, $50 to $500 is sound business sense!

        Yeah, it’s probably time (they might prove us wrong!), and I agree. Give Bill what he wants and fucking get on with it.

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  3. J. says:

    Great stuff, Bop – sounds like a splendid last time seeing them. And yeah, Butler is something else, eh?

    Those CDs, though. What a way to drain the fans for every last penny. I appreciate this is The End, but there’s no need for that.

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