Donald Trump Victory & Album Review: Pink Floyd The Wall-Soundtrack Of Sorts (1979, 1982)

LP stack white soundtracks – Version 2

I did not plan to review this album/soundtrack of sorts. It wasn’t even on my radar, but I awoke this morning to find Donald Trump had now become the President Of The United States of America. The first things I thought of were building a wall, fascism, Nazi’s, and psychotic behaviour. Therefore I had no choice but to review The Wall.

The Wall is the epic album from Pink Floyd. So much has been said about this album that I don`t need to add much.

Pink Floyd:The Wall is the 1982 movie that was based on the album concept. The official soundtrack was made, but never released. Most of the songs from the movie were either straight off The Wall, or reworked versions, so I will focus mostly on that album. The film follows the lead character Pink, played by Bob Geldof. (I can only assume they never filmed on Mondays.) Pink seems to be a character that is a cross between Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. From the early days in which Pink`s father dies in WW2 through to concerts backstage we see Pink go through flashbacks, hallucinogenic ramblings and the downward spiral into depression. Part of the movie involves a fascist that preaches to a crowd and allows acts of racism, sexual assault, and targeting certain minorities. (Sounds somewhat familiar). This movie is an amazing work of art. Do not believe the hype though. You can watch this movie stone cold sober.

When The Tigers Broke Free – A new song not on the album.

In The Flesh? – The original was re-recorded with Geldof on lead vocals.

The Thin Ice – Extended and remixed with the baby sounds removed and piano added.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1 – Extra bass parts added.

Goodbye Blue Sky – A re-mixed version of the original.

The Happiest Days Of Our Lives – Helicopter sounds were dropped and the teacher`s voice was re-recorded.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 – Extra guitar added. Children`s voice section shortened and teacher`s lines re-recorded.

Mother – Re-recorded except for guitar solo. Also lyric was changed to how it originally was to be on the album “Mother am I really dying?” instead of “Is it just a waste of time?”

What Shall We Do Now? – This was originally to have been on the album, but was replaced by the shorter Empty Spaces.

Young Lust – Screams added and phone call removed.

One Of My Turns – Re-mixed.

Don’t Leave Me Now – Shortened and re-mixed.

Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3 – Re-recorded completely at a faster tempo.

Goodbye Cruel World – Unchanged.

Is There Anybody Out There? – Re-recorded with David Gilmour playing acoustic guitar with a leather pick instead of the amazing finger picking done by studio musician Joe Diblasi.

Nobody Home – Thankfully unchanged.

Vera – Unchanged

Bring The Boys Back Home – Re-recorded with a Welsh male vocal choir, brass band and Roger Waters’ lead vocals removed.

Comfortably Numb – Re-mixed with Geldof screaming and different bass.

In The Flesh – Re-recorded with a brass band and Geldof on vocals.

Run Like Hell – Re-mixed and shortened.

Waiting For The Worms – Shortened but with an extended coda.

5:11AM (The Moment Of Clarity) – A song that was written at the same time as The Wall, but instead ended up on Roger Waters solo album, The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking. Bob Geldof sings this version for the film.

Stop – Re-recorded completely with Geldof on lead vocals.

The Trial – Re-mixed.

Outside The Wall – Re-recorded with brass band and Welsh male vocal choir.

The only songs from The Wall that never made it to the soundtrack were Hey You and The Show Must Go On.

I think this soundtrack would have been as successful as The Wall and the movie itself. I would have been interested to have been able to compare the album and soundtrack versions back in the day. The original album versions are near perfect and almost impossible to improve upon, but the new versions could have provided a unique alternative. It seems the band put a ton of effort into this soundtrack. All that re-mixing, and re-recording ended up being a bit of a waste as the soundtrack never saw the light of day. Too bad.

Album, Movie, Soundtrack – 10 out of 10 for all.

P.S. you have fun with your wall Donald. I think I will stick to mine.








20 thoughts on “Donald Trump Victory & Album Review: Pink Floyd The Wall-Soundtrack Of Sorts (1979, 1982)

  1. J. says:

    Nice review, Bop. Though I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I don’t care much for The Wall.

    I also don’t care much for Trump. Or his wall.

    Or the changes to the Toblerone.

    What a horrible last few days.

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  2. I ruin Another brick in the wall for my math students – when teaching exponent laws, you’re supposed to ‘leave that base alone’ and work only with the exponents. I leave out the double negative (don’t need no) and the whole pudding rant though!
    It’s on the 1001 – haven’t got to it yet, but a Bop 10/10 works for me

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Talk about sobering news upon waking…

    I’ll admit, I need to spend more time with this album. I wasn’t much into Floyd, but I’m starting to see through the cracks, here and there, and am liking what I see. Finding several albums for cheap also really helped the urge to hear more. I will report bck on what I find, and see if these noob ears agree with the majority opinion on theis record. Nice one, Bop!

    Liked by 1 person

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