Album Review: B.A. Johnston Presents Gremlins III (2017)

The past summer I saw B.A. Johnston live. He was the first opener, and unlike any other first opening band I have ever seen, I had a huge ear to ear grin on my face the entire set. The dude is like a combination Chris Farley and Jack Black rolled up into one. He doesn’t look to be in good shape, but he runs and jumps and rolls around on the floor and makes everyone smile. Honestly, no one there was not smiling. I was also not alone in having some gut busting laughter. He is awesome live. See him if you can.

As for this album, there are 20 songs. They are short, fun ditties. Mostly about eating, drinking, partying, getting high and swearing. If you don’t like those things, look elsewhere. I do like most of those things, but for my review I will point out my favourite songs since there are so many of them.

I Need Donair Sauce – A song about loving donair sauce so much he will “Brave drunk bros at 3am” and “damn I need that meat sweat feeling.”

Alley Beers – I usually hate 80’s keyboard sounds. But when B.A. does it, he seems to make it cool. The song about not being to afford $6 beers and drinking the beers he left in the alley, with lyrics like “your backpack in the shrubs, one way ticket to chug, chug, chug.

Ikea I Used To Be A Man – A song about being a sober man until trying to assemble something from Ikea. “needed a bed, ended up with alcoholism instead.”

Dayoff Is a Dayoff – Every person who works in retail should hear this song. “I don’t care if Bill has called in sick, and the Christmas In July sale is a bitch….’cause a Dayoff Is A Dayoff Motherf*cker.”

Orangeville – A song about going to Orangeville to meet a girl that was “doing rails in the girls bathroom” and a guy that says to B.A. “You’re not from around here” (how can you tell? B.A. asks) “cause you drink f*g beer”

Cheap Suds – A song about drinking low priced beer, and sort of making fun of pretentious beer drinkers. “I bet it tastes like hops”

Drivethru Beef – More 80’s keys that still sound cool. Has a sort of Knight Rider theme song beat. (You know you like it).  The song is about having a “beef” at the drive thru when his order gets messed up.

I will Make Lasagna for You – A song about making comfort food for your loved one when they have a bad day. “We can have garlic bread literally up the wazoo. I will make lasagna for you.”

Asshole Or Truck – “What came first, the asshole or the pickup truck?”

Saskatchewan – This song has a Sugar Mountain like sound and some cool Canadiana references. Of special note for fellow blogger Aaron is the line “At the Winnie The Pooh Statue in White River, take the bottle out, and start to give ‘er.”

So High In Foodland – A song about working in a grocery store and getting high on the nitrous oxide in the whipped cream spray cans.











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