Various Album # 1 Singles-OST (1992,2017 25th Anniversary Edition 2LP, 1CD)

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Thanks to Bruce at Vinyl Connection, a number of bloggers are on a 10 day, various artists musical journey.

In all honesty, I may be the only person who has never seen the movie Singles, so I can’t comment on that, but I know a good soundtrack when I see one.

Would (Alice In Chains) – This is a great song, but you know that already.

Breath(Pearl Jam) – I’m not a huge PJ fan, but this isn’t the 10 kajillionth time you’ve heard Jeremy. It’s a song Stone Gossard brought over from his Mother Love Bone Days. It’s one of the lesser played songs in the PJ catalogue and maybe that makes me like it more.

Seasons(Chris Cornell) – This song just makes me miss him so much more. What a voice.

Dyslexic Heart(Paul Westerbeg) – The lead singer of The Replacements gives us a bit of a break from the ‘Seattle Scene’ bands. This song, and the other on the album were his first solo ventures. Perhaps it gave him the courage to do his first solo album.  A really cool song.

Battle of Evermore(The Love Mongers) – Who you ask? I think a better band name would have been The Aortic Valves since they make up very important parts of a Heart. A really amazing cover.

Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns(Mother Love Bone) – A short lived but amazing band that never got to see the musical explosion in Seattle.

Birth Ritual(Soundgarden) – I can imagine later bands such as SOAD, Spider Bait and a few others used Kim Thayil`s wicked guitar work in this one as an influence. Amazing is not good enough to describe it. Of course Chris’ vocals are ace, and the drumming is damn good too. A really cool song.

State Of Love And Trust(Pearl Jam) – It has kind of a faster pop punk feel to it. Another lesser played song on the PJ set. The bass in the middle, and the faster, high pitched guitar work are the stars for me.

Overblown(Mudhoney) – Another great Seattle band that did better than some, but did not reach the glorious heights of others. They`re still kicking around so good on them. Weirdly for a band from Seattle, this one has kind of a late 70`s feel. Kind of like the bands that were formed when punk died and new wave was taking over. I like it. “Show `em Stevie”

Waiting For Somebody(Paul Westerberg) – I would think this would be a cool sing-a-long in a live setting. The guitar work is the star for me.

May This Be Love(Jimi Hendrix) – A more toned down version of Jimi Hendrix with drumming just as cool as the awesomely sedate guitar work. His music may not have fit in with the whole early 90`s thing, but being a Seattle native helped.

Nearly Lost You(Screaming Trees) – I love this Washington State band. Another of those bands that had success, but did not quite reach the peak. in my opinion, they are better than many of them put together.

Drown(Smashing Pumpkins) – A mellow song. This longer version with the feedback and EBow solo on this soundtrack is the one to search for, not the 4 minute version the band put out on the Rotten Apples greatest hits album.

That is the end of the double vinyl, original version of the album. Next is the included cd of rare and previously unreleased bonus songs.

Touch Me, I`m Dick(Citizen Dick) – No Thanks dude. I`m good. This was the name of the ficticious band in the movie fronted by Matt Dillon, and this song was not released until a vinyl version was issued a few years ago on RSD. Pearl Jam is the backing this band, but this isn’t their modus operandi. This song has a welcomed punk attitude, and is a really cool song. I would have loved if they had done an album. Depending on my mood, I would prefer to hear Matt Dillon sing over Eddie Vedder (I have taken appropriate cover).

Nowhere But You, Spoon Man, Flutter Girl, Missing(Chris Cornell) – Four awesome songs off of the relatively rare Poncier 12″ and cassette only release from Chris Cornell. The first has a haunting feel, the second my be my favourite version of that song (the cowbells, bells and spoons are just awesome). Chris’ voice and the acoustic guitar are stars of the third song, the fourth song has sort of 80’s post punk feel to it.

Would?, It Ain’t Like That(Alice In Chains) – 2 amazing performances from the band. Cameron Crowe filmed them during a live performance at Seattle’s Desoto Club in 1991. This footage is available on the 2015 blu-ray edition of the film. Now I must find the film and finally watch it.  I must also delve deeper into my new(er) Live Facelift LP. The guitar work on It Ain’t Like That is killer.

Birth Ritual (Soundgarden) – I mentioned the awesome, influential guitar above. It sounds just as awesome on this live version. No studio trickery here. Also Chris’ voice was in peak form here.

Dyslexic Heart, Waiting For Somebody(Paul Westerberg) – Acoustic versions of the above 2 songs are really nice bonus tracks. This is the first time this version of Waiting For Somebody was released.

Overblown(Mudhoney) – This demo track is previously unreleased.

Heart And Lungs(Truly) – Truly is a lesser known band formed by original members of Soundgarden and Screaming Trees. While not commercially successful, the great music needs to be heard. It has a Jane’s Addiction feel to it.

Six Foot Under(Blood Circus) – A short-lived band that has the distinction of having being headliners and having both Nirvana and Mudhoney open up for them in the late 80’s. Kind of a harder version of Doors with a pissed off Jim Morrison and no keyboards to be found. Sub Pop released an album back in the early 90’s. I want to seek it out.

Single Blues(Mike McCready) – A cool early 70’s funk meets delta blues instrumental track.

Blue Heart, Lost In Emily’s Woods(Paul Westerberg) – 2 previously unreleased tracks. Nice Sunday morning tracks.

Ferry Boat #3, Score Piece #4(Chris Cornell) – 2 previously unreleased tracks. His passing earlier this year has made the finding of any and all of his bonus songs my mission. I miss you Chris.

I say seek this one out. Grunge is a dirty word for many of you out there. Trust me though, this is NOT a grunge album. It is a f*cking awesome album. That’s it, that’s all man.










24 thoughts on “Various Album # 1 Singles-OST (1992,2017 25th Anniversary Edition 2LP, 1CD)

  1. J. says:

    Great soundtrack. I had this on cassette and wore it out… Seasons, Jimi and Screaming Trees being particular favourites. Ive been considering this set, but it’s a bit of a pricey item.

    The movie is pretty great, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Add another one to the “haven’t seen it’ club. Also in the never listened to the album club. I like film, I like this music, these bands and I like Matt Dillon. What’s wrong with me? A new one for the spin list. Good piece. I’m sold. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

      • Just watching the clip of “Touch me I’m Dick” has caught my interest. Know most those tunes but a couple are new. I didn’t realize that was the Heart gals until I clicked on it. I’m with you on your ‘Trees’ liking. I’m also a Mudhoney and Westerberg Guy. I’ll be on the lookout for a copy. Thanks. Later. CB

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  3. I got this! And was considering doing it for this series but I don’t know if I’ll have time now… will come back and read this (surely excellent) post after I get it into my own ears!


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