Various Album #3. Q107 Concerts In The Sky – The Campfire Versions (a limited edition collector cd in support of The Starlight Foundation 1996)

Q107 is a Toronto rock radio station that has been going since 1977. In the 80’s and 90’s the station had bands come in and perform intimate, and often impromptu numbers in the radio studios during the 6 O’clock Rock Report. This cd is made up of some of those performances, and supports the Starlight Foundation in helping to make a wish come true for a ill or injured child.

Tom Cochrane : Good Times – His music has been played far too often on Canadian radio, but I always welcome a fresh, live version. This version was recorded in the summer of 1992.

Our Lady Peace : Naveed – Ditto from above, but recorded December 1995.

Rusty : Wake Me – A lesser known Canadian band that had a bit of success up here in the 90’s. Steve Warden from Q107 recalls the first time he met the band at the studio “First I saw the gear, then I heard them play. I thought for sure they were going to cause structural damage to the building.” The band recorded this song in December 1995, shortly before the below Youtube clip was filmed.

Victoria Williams : Crazy Mary – This was recorded in October 1993, a few months after the Sweet Relief : A Benefit For Victoria Williams album relief was released. Victoria was going through financial hardship due to her recent MS diagnosis and no health insurance. You wouldn’t know she had a debilitating disease here though. This song was the favourite “concert in the sky” performance of both dj’s Steve Warden and Joey Vendetta. I have heard Eddie Vedder since this song many times, and he does a really good job. This version is 1 million times better though. I can actually visualize the characters in this song as she sings. So, so good. 4 words describe it: Chills. Touching. Poignant. Wow!!! (The Youtube clip was filmed the same month from a different performance. I much prefer the Q107 version, but this one is pretty good too.)

Nick Lowe : What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love an Understanding – Steve warden remembers Elvis Costello playing this song for him in a dumpy hotel room in 1978 (that would have ruled). “It was a thrill to have the song’s author play his own, very different version in our control room 17 years later.”

Blue Rodeo : Is It You – Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy from the band were in studio in March ’93. It reminds me of a wonderfully simple but beautiful song along the lines of Simon & Garfunkel.

Burton Cummins : Sour Suite – The former Guess Who singer did one of his signature songs played on the piano in the lobby of the radio station in September 1994. “Whatever happened to homes as opposed to houses?” Such a cool lyric.

Matthew Sweet : Sick of Myself – Performed in May ’95 when Matthew was in Toronto for a concert at The Opera House. Rock Report anchor Steve Warden believes Mathew to be one of the best songwriters around. “This tune is all the proof you need. It was a real treat to have Matthew walk into the control room and play a solo version of the big hit from his 100% Fun album.

The Jayhawks : Waiting For The Sun – Recorded in May ’93. The dj’s called them “a criminally under-rated band, which has now, unfortunately broken up.” (Of note is the fact that original member Mark Olsen left the band shortly after this performance to look after his wife, the aforementioned Victoria Williams).

Sheryl Crow : Run Baby Run – Recorded in April 1994, just as her first hit song “All I Wanna Do ” was hitting the charts, and not long before her career exploded across North America, including her opening for the Eagles a few months later in Toronto.

John Hiatt : Perfectly Good Guitar – When this song was played on the Rock Report the phone lines were flooded with callers that had never heard it, and wanting to hear it again.

Pete Droge : If You Don’t Love Me – Recorded in March ’95 prior to Pete opening that night for Tom Petty. Steve Warden predicted stardom for this talented young performer “He’s a brilliant songwriter.” Pete’s original version of the song appears on the Dumb And Dumber soundtrack.

Charlie Sexton : Ugly All Day – This was recorded in March ’95 just after the amazing Arc Angels had broken up, and Charlie had set off on his own again. Charlie has a cool voice that sounds like the best parts of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen together.

Joan Osborne : Spider Web – Performed in June ’95 just after Rolling Stone called her “the next explosion waiting to happen”. Steve Warden agreed “She’s a talented performer and the rest of the world is now starting to discover her. Joan is on her way to becoming a very successful recording artist.” The recording industry must have agreed as she was nominated for 3 Grammys later that year.

Collective Soul : When The Water Falls – Ed Roland from the band did a solo visit to the station and performed this song in March ’95. His voice is so great here.

The Watchmen : In My Mind – This Winnipeg band were at the height of their career when they visited the station and recorded this song back in June ’94.

Lawrence Gowan : Dancing On My Own Ground – This version of the song was recorded back in November 1995, and his voice has a real growl to it(The Q107 version is better than the below Youtube clip). I really like it. Just like John Cougar, he will always be Gowan to me. Just don’t call him Larry.

David Wilcox : O Freedom – David was in the studio in Toronto recording a new album(Thirteen Songs), and one day he stopped by the station and played a special version of this unreleased song. The guys were happy since David has been known to be reclusive. This is a really different side of David we hear on this song.

Hidden bonus track – This last one is a compilation of studio audio clips from a bunch of musicians during interviews on the Rock report over the years.






15 thoughts on “Various Album #3. Q107 Concerts In The Sky – The Campfire Versions (a limited edition collector cd in support of The Starlight Foundation 1996)

    • Now you do, and now you must seek it out.

      I have a feeling you will realllllllly like the next comp.

      Rusty. I have some of their cd’s here. Some signed. They were cool back in the day. A great band to cover if we ever did another 90’s where are they now?


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